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Home Delivery Services

If members choose to self-isolate, there will be a need to find alternative ways to aquire the necessities of life.  Fortunately, Spruce Grove is well served by community-minded volunteers and businesses who provide home delivery services at reasonable rates.  These are as follows:

  • Knights Helping Others - Knights of Columbus 
    If you know of any seniors that need help with getting groceries during this time when everyone is staying home, please have them contact Gerard Deverdenne at 780-245-3122 and he will make arrangements to help them out.
    The Knights have also volunteered to offer any help that may be needed by anyone during this time as part of an emergency preparedness mission. Dan Mackell 780-267-4986 is leading our efforts on this.
    If you would be willing to help out with either of these initiatives please contact Gerard or Dan either by phone or by email ghdeverdenne@gmail.com or dmackell@live.ca 
    If you or someone you know is in need of help, please reach out. During this Coronavirus outbreak, we all need to look around us and help out our neighbours, especially those in the higher risk categories.
  • Medical PrescriptionsOur Village Pharmacy, the Medicine Shop (Darryl & Katie Balog) provides free home delivery of all prescriptions.  They can be reached at The Medicine Shoppe Pharmacy #380
    4a-420 King St, Spruce Grove, (Alberta), T7X 2C6  Phone 780.571.1500  Fax 780.571.1501.
    If you are not a current client, you can have your doctor transmit your prescriptions directly to the pharmacy.
  • Groceries - Several local supermarkets provide home delivery as noted:
    •  Walmart - Free delivery of on-line orders over $50.00 with a charge of $9.95 for smaller orders https://www.walmart.ca/en/free-shipping-options Note: as of March 19, Walmart advises that home delivery is suspended for lack of delivery resources.  Express pickup at the store is still available.
    • Save-On Foods - First order free delivery.  Subsequent orders over $40.00 charged at $4.95 https://www.saveonfoods.com/category/online-shopping/ 
    • Safeway - While Safeway does not currently have an on-line application for home delivery, our local Safeway continues its commitment to the Spruce Grove community.  Previous information on this page was incorrect and the store is still in the process of investigating all alternatives to provide services to self-isolated seniors.  Please visit this page again for new information as it becomes available.
    • SuperStore - https://www.realcanadiansuperstore.ca/store-locator/details/1565 -- Order On Line
      Select the black button (top right of page) 'START A NEW ORDER' then select PC Express Pickup -- do not select 'Delivery' as this is a third party delivery service which charges an additional $20 and may not deliver for several days.  Then select our Spruce Grove Superstore by inputting your postal code.  Click 'Continue' and then in the search box, enter your grocery selection.  Continue until you have selected all your groceries.  Then click the red 'Checkout' button on the top right of the screen.  You will be presented with your total.  Click on the 'Pickup Fee' selection and select your pickup time slot.  The screen will refresh and prompt you to 'Proceed to Checkout'.  You will then be asked to input your PC Id or create a new account.  (This is necessary to keep a record of your purchases for future orders and will make reordering easier -- and to reconcile your order to you for identification purposes).  You will then be guided through the process of entering your credit card information and then you will need to confirm your order.  If you are able, you can pick up your order at the booked time at the Spruce Grove Superstore.  OR Alternatively, after completing the transaction, call Gerard Deverdenne at 780-245-3122 to make arrangements for the Knights of Columbus to pick up your order and deliver it to you.  

Some Spruce Grove supermarkets are providing 'seniors only' shopping opportunities in the early mornings when the stores are fully stocked and freshly sanitized.  Contact your preferred supermarket for more information.

101 Grove Drive, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada   T7X 3H7