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Village Measures to Limit Exposure

Members of the Grove Seniors Village should be aware that the risk of infection increases with any human contact -- regardless of the source.  For those returning from out-of-country holidays or visits, the current Health Canada recommendation is to self-isolate regardless of any symptoms being absent.

For those self-isolating, remember that it is you who might be a carrier and thus any contact with other Village members would break that isolation protocol.  Accordingly, you might wish to use the website to report any absences, maintenance issues, etc.  In the event that someone needs to access your unit or to have any direct contact with you, then ensure that you are wearing a face mask to prevent infecting others and that all visitors ensure that they wash their hands after attending at your unit.  If any volunteer or contractor needs to meet with you or enter your unit, ensure that they are not displaying any signs of the virus or other seasonal illness as outlined on the previous pages of this site.

A hand sanitizer dispenser is located near the coffee machine in the Clubhouse and additional units will be installed in the office, lobby and workshops when they become available. Please use them and the washrooms with soap and water to clean your hands often.

Please limit your hosting of family or other guests during this outbreak.  Unless those visits are of significant importance, your health and that of your fellow members should be the overriding concern.

The Village will be requiring any contractors attending at the Village to also practice best practices in infection control.  We are anticipating that we will have a number of contractors attending to make repairs from last summer's hailstorm and you should avoid all contact with them.  As well, our other contractors for windows, furnace repair, snow clearing and turf maintenance should also be avoided wherever possible.

Your Board will investigate other opportunities to avoid infection and welcomes your further suggestions.

101 Grove Drive, Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada   T7X 3H7